Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Butterflies, Oh, Butterflies,
Your beauty is so rare.

Butterflies, Oh, butterflies,
How could anyone dare.
to catch you and to hold you
against your solemn will?
They should just admire you
and let you have your fill.
of flitting here and flitting there,
gathering up your daily fare
of nectars from the flowers bright,
from early morning until night.

Butterflies, beautiful butterflies,
with so many colours rare,
it hurts my heart when one dies,
Yet, does anyone truly care?

For butterflies, butterflies,
you represent new birth,
from chrysalis until you die,
you beautify the earth.

thank you, lovely butterflies.

Butterflies, Oh, butterflies(Author Unknown)


sisko said...

I think the earrings are beautiful. The poem adds a nice touch.

onemargaret said...

Thank you for leaving your comment on my sight. I really do appreciate it. And, by the way, Jo is the name of the photographer on Models Inc, that was also on Melrose Place. I like your websites. The photos are very, very nice. I used to take pictures, but as I got older, that changed. Keep up the good work. I will visit again. Please do the same. Have a good evening.

wmw said...

Came across your site by accident. Lovely skill and talent you have there. I love origami too (buy books on them but never get around to really doing any! Ha ha ha) and also kirigami. Your masterpiece(s) are beautiful!

Anonymous said...