Sunday, May 28, 2006


This has a practical use too. Yes, you can actually carry small items in it. The handles are stapled so that they do not slip out.


Melina said...

Hi- my son (12 yrs) is a complex level folder and I take him to every origami convention that we are able to go to.
I love your blog and Im going to show it to him, and link to you too.
Have you checked out ? We are going to the NYC convention at the end of June...its really fantastic! Their membership also includes a discount on paper and fantastic books that you might not find otherwise in their source store.
The club also meets monthly at the Museum of Natural History in NYC ...and there are other regional groups who hold meetings and conventions as well. We went to PCOC's convention in Arizona last September.
Its a great hobby and we really enjoy the people involved. Most of my son's heros are folders!
Thanks for such a great blog!

kaa said...

thanx for your comments. Keep checking back for more designs and folding instructions.