Friday, May 26, 2006


The petals can be curled more with a pencil. This is also called a lily in some books. Make a bunch of them to have a beautiful bouquet.
iris:folding instructions


Anonymous said...

Hi There,
Just droping u a little suggestion though. :)

I like this lily flower..the color contrast is very nice... Maybe will load the folding instruction and try one day.

Overall pics and patterns are simple and look easy to do but one little thing I would like to suggest is presentation..

Some photos picture taken not so sharp and blur like the hanging swans... I think the background is too dark.

Good try and I like them...

kaa said...

Thanx for the comments. I felt the photo was blurry too. Will try to replace it with a clearer image soon.. :-)

Dianna said...

That is beautiful. I remember doing origami when I was a kid, might look into it again.

Anonymous said...

Im sorry, I have to agree.... i have been searching for the an origami pattern of the Iris for years. This is unfortunately a Lily, pretty lily but not an iris. The Iris above all is a much more complex and elegant flower. The lily hoever, is my favorite flower but, the Iris has two large petals along with a cupped like center. Traditional iris are white or purple and white. It is very fustrating that I cannot find the iris for origami.